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Whether you need to find specific information about your favorite movie, painting or song or want to prepare for your next game or trivia night, Wolfram|Alpha has computable data on various areas of art and entertainment. Explore albums and songs by artist or release date, look up box office numbers for a blockbuster film, discover artworks from a historical period, find the Scrabble® score for a word and much more.


Search for facts about a singer or band, look up the track list for a classic album or find out who wrote a famous song.

Get information about a music act:

Compare albums:

Get information about a song:

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Games & Puzzles

Find information about a board game, game of chance, word puzzle or video game.

Compute odds for a poker hand:

Calculate Scrabble® scores for a word and its subsets:

Get information about a video game:

Look up a board game property:

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Famous Artwork

Get an image of or other useful information for a famous work of art.

Get information about a work of art:

Look up a property of a work of art:

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Look up the rating, box office performance and other facts for a classic or current film.

Get information about a movie:

Find a movie rating:

Get information about an Academy Award:

Get box office performance data for a film:

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Science Fiction

Explore data on sci-fi novels, movies and TV shows.

Read into our data on science-fiction texts:

Look up sci-fi from the big and small screens:

Learn more about sci-fi heroes and villains:

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  • Tips & Gratuities

    Calculate gratuities or easily split bills.

    Compute a tip:

    Split a bill among several people:

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