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Mandelbrot & Julia Sets

The Mandelbrot set is one of the most well-known and well-studied examples of a fractal. Wolfram|Alpha knows about this fractal as well as related concepts like Julia sets and variants of the Mandelbrot set like Mandelbar and Multibrot sets. Use Wolfram|Alpha to visualize, test membership and examine associated Julia sets.

Julia Sets

Compute the Julia set (associated with points in or out of the Mandelbrot set) of any polynomial or rational function.

Plot the Julia set of a quadratic polynomial:

Plot the Julia set of an arbitrary polynomial:

Plot the Julia set of a rational function:

Mandelbar Set

Compute with the Mandelbrot set's cousin, the Mandelbar set.

Plot the Mandelbar (tricorn) fractal:

Mandelbrot Set

Visualize the Mandelbrot set, test point membership and see associated Julia sets.

Plot the Mandelbrot set:

Plot the Mandelbrot set and an associated Julia set:

Multibrot Sets

Compute with Multibrot sets, a generalization of the Mandelbrot set.

Plot the Multibrot set of exponent d: