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Step-by-Step Chemical Solutions

See how to solve solution chemistry problems step by step across all levels of the curriculum, from middle school to college. Topical coverage includes solution preparation, concentration, dilutions, colligative properties and more. Use Wolfram|Alpha to solve and truly understand chemical solutions.

Solution Concentration

Compute the solute concentration for various measures of concentration.

Compute the molarity of a solution step by step:

Find the molality of a solution:

Determine the mass fraction for a mixture step by step:

Evaluate the amount fraction for a solution:

Colligative Properties

Investigate solution properties that depend only upon the ratio of solute to solvent particles.

Compute the boiling point elevation for a solution:

Find the freezing point depression for a solution step by step:

Determine the van 't Hoff factor for a solution:

Solution Preparation

Work out chemical solution preparation recipes.

Prepare chemical solutions step by step:


Perform dilution computations and find properties of the resulting solutions.

Prepare a dilute solution step by step:

Solution Properties

Explore properties of different solutions that depend on the solvent, solute and concentration.

Convert between density and concentration for a single-component solution:

Compute the density step by step:

Find the anti-knock index for gasoline:


  • Chemical Ions
  • Chemical Solutions
  • Acids & Bases

    Analyze acidic and basic solutions.

    Compute the pKa:

    Titrate a strong acid or base:

    Calculate the pH of a buffer step by step:

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