Examples for

Step-by-Step Discrete Mathematics

Number Values

See how to determine the absolute value of a number:

Fractions, Ratios & Percents

Convert a fraction to a mixed number step by step:

Get step-by-step solutions for converting between percents and fractions:

Learn how to make conversions between percents and decimals:


See how to compute all the divisors of a number step by step:

Learn how to find the total number of divisors of a given number:

Follow the steps to find the sum of the divisors:

See step-by-step solutions for the divisor function:

Learn how to check if a number is square free:

Base Conversions

Get the steps for converting numbers to binary:

Learn how to convert numbers to hexadecimal:

Convert between integer bases from binary to base 36:

See the steps to add or subtract integers in bases 2 through 9:


See the steps to determine divisibility:

Prime Numbers

Find step-by-step solutions for testing if a number is prime or composite:


See the steps for finding a greatest common divisor:

Find a least common multiple:

See step-by-step solutions for determining if two integers are coprime:

Count the positive integers coprime to and less than a given number:

Arithmetic Functions

Learn how to evaluate arithmetic functions step by step:


  • Base Conversions
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Number Theory
  • Prime Factorization

    Perform prime factorization one step at a time:

    Exponents & Roots

    See the steps for computing the value of a number raised to a power:

    Multiply numbers with exponents step by step:

    Divide numbers with exponents:

    Get the steps for simplifying expressions with radicals:

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