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Chemical Thermodynamics

Chemical thermodynamics describes the physical changes of state within the limits placed by the laws of thermodynamics. Wolfram|Alpha provides thermodynamics equations and computations to determine a variety of chemical properties such as pressure, boiling point and speed of sound for many chemicals and compounds.


Compute thermodynamic properties such as entropy, heat capacity or vapor pressure of a wide variety of chemicals.

Find properties of a substance in a given phase:

Compute properties at a specified temperature:

Compute properties at a specified pressure:

Specify temperature and pressure:

Do computations with the Arrhenius equation:

Calculate heat transfer:

Estimated Properties

Predict the thermodynamic properties of chemicals using the Joback method.

Estimate thermodynamic properties using the Joback method:

Gas Laws

Explore properties of molecules in the gas phase using the ideal gas equation of state, Graham's law and many more equations.

Compute a property of an ideal gas:

Find the properties of a Redlich–Kwong gas:

Determine the root-mean-square velocity:

Determine the molar mass by comparing gases:

More examples

Goff–Gratch Equations

The Goff–Gratch equations are a pair of thermodynamic equations that describe the relationship between temperature and the saturation vapor pressure near the surface of ice or water.

Find the saturation vapor pressure for ice and water: