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Food Science

Food science is the study of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of food and how to use this knowledge to select, store and prepare safe, nutritious and delicious food. With detailed knowledge of thousands of foods, Wolfram|Alpha can create nutrition labels for foods, compare and contrast between different foods and assist in planning a healthy diet.

Food Composition

Explore data on thousands of foods, including nutritional composition.

Find general nutrition information for foods:

Get nutrition information for specific nutrients in foods:

Dietary References & Standards

Explore and compare the recommended daily intake for common nutrients.

Look up daily recommended values for nutrients:

Estimate the number of apples needed to satisfy a daily recommendation:

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Access nutritional data for thousands of foods.

Create nutrition labels:

Compare specific nutrition content in branded foods:

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Food Comparisons & Combinations

Compare and analyze the nutrition of foods and food combinations.

Compare foods:

Compare the amount of a particular nutrient in multiple foods:

Generate nutrition labels for combinations of foods:

Do computations with the nutrient content of foods:

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