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Particle Physics

The field of particle physics studies the properties and interactions of subatomic particles, such as muons, protons, pions and quarks. Use Wolfram|Alpha to examine the wide variety of particles described by the standard model of elementary particles. Learn how they interact and decay. Get information on particle accelerators, where these particles are created, manipulated and studied.

Subatomic Particles

Get experimentally measured values, such as mass, charge, spin, parity and other fundamental quantum numbers, for particles.

Get information about an elementary particle:

Compare several particles:

Request a property of a particle:

Do a calculation with particle properties:

Compare the values of a property for a class of particles:

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Particle Accelerators

Access properties of particle accelerators, such as location, institution and beam characteristics.

Get information about a particle accelerator:

Compare multiple accelerators:

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Particle Interactions

Get information about collision and scattering processes, decay modes and nuclear fission.

Get particle collision data for specified beam types:

Specify both incident and out-going particles:

Query for decay modes of a particular particle:

Get data about nuclear fission reactions:

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