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Industrial Measures & Standards

Industrial measures constitute a wide array of concepts that cover standard sizes and measurements for objects used throughout industry for many purposes. Use Wolfram|Alpha to explore concepts such as diameter, temperature, voltage, area, volume and others used to define a set of standard measures, depending on the object's purpose.

Wire Gauges

Investigate properties of a specific wire gauge from a number of different gauge systems.

Get information about a wire gauge:

Specify wire gauge, material and length:

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Threaded Fasteners

View and perform computations with properties of threaded fasteners, like diameter, threads per inch and other attributes.

Get dimensions of a screw or bolt:

Get a specific measurement of a fastener:

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Hypodermic Needles

Investigate the gauges used for hypodermic needle sizes, which can be compared to other gauges used by wires, drills and meshes.

Look up the specifications of a needle size:

Find out the typical use for a needle diameter:

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Convert the area of coverage to the required volume of paint or primer, and vice versa.

Compute the area covered by a volume of paint:

Compute the volume of paint required to cover an area:

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Determine a resistor's resistance based on color codes or obtain the color code for a specified resistance.

Calculate the color code for a resistor:

Compute resistance from resistor color codes:

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Knitting Needle Sizes

Find dimensions and other information for standard knitting needle sizes.

Get information about knitting needle sizes:

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Steel Sheets

Discover the thickness, gamma ray shielding and mass of various steel sheet gauges.

Look up a sheet metal gauge:

Compute using a property of a gauge:

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Drill Bits

Study a diverse collection of drill bits, which includes a variety of sizes and gauges.

Get the dimensions of a drill bit:

Find out the diameter of a drill bit:

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Sieves & Meshes

Specify the size of the sieve mesh opening and find the nearest standard size as well as the nearest gauges used in industry for comparison.

Get information about a sieve:

Determine the needle size required to pass through a mesh:

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Bulk Materials

Obtain a wide variety of properties for many materials, including density, specific heat, thermal conductivity and emissivity.

Get information about a bulk material:

Compute properties of a stockpile:

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Freight Containers

Obtain a complete set of dimensions and the storage capacity for a given freight container.

Find out about a container:

Look up a specific attribute of a container:

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Tire Sizes

Look up physical characteristics of tires with a given size designator.

Get information about a car or light truck tire size:

Get information about a bicycle tire size:

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  • Material Hardness
  • Measurement Devices
  • Physical Quantities
  • Pipes

    Use the diameter specification, and optionally the length, to determine additional properties of pipes.

    Get dimensions for a nominal pipe size:

    Specify length:

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    Explore many mechanical and miscellaneous properties for a given diameter of rope.

    Find characteristics of a rope:

    Look up a property of a rope:

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    Query for properties of a battery, which can include names, voltage, capacity and dimensions.

    Get information about a type of battery:

    Request a property of a battery:

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    Dimensional Lumber

    Determine the nominal and actual dimensions of standardized lumber by specifying a board size or find the volume of lumber obtained from a log by using one of several formulas.

    Specify a basic softwood lumber size:

    Determine the volume of lumber from a log of known size:

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    Gas Marks

    Convert gas mark scales to conventional cooking temperatures.

    Get temperature and other data for a gas mark:

    Convert gas mark temperatures to specified units:

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