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Food & Nutrition

Food and nutrition is an integral part of everyday life. With detailed nutritional data on thousands of foods and knowledge of dietary guidelines, Wolfram|Alpha can be used to plan healthy meals and generate custom nutrition labels and detailed analyses of nutrients in thousands of common and brand-name foods. Cooking times and meal preparation data can be used to plan meals accurately.


Access nutritional data for thousands of foods.

Analyze nutritional information for a food:

Create nutrition labels:

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Food Comparisons & Combinations

Compare and analyze the nutrition of foods and food combinations.

Compare foods:

Compare the amount of a particular nutrient in multiple foods:

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Branded Foods

Analyze and compare nutrition of brand-name foods.

Specify a food by brand name:

Compare nutrition labels of branded foods:

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Food Preparation

Plan how much food to make and how long it will take to prepare.

Learn how big a turkey is necessary to feed a group of people:

Determine how long it takes to cook a turkey:

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Culinary Mathematics Web App


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  • Dietary References & Standards

    Explore and compare the recommended daily intake for common nutrients.

    Look up daily recommended values for nutrients:

    Find age- and gender-specific nutrition recommendations:

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