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Logic & Set Theory

Symbolic logic and set theory are intertwined and lie at the foundations of mathematics. Use Wolfram|Alpha to visualize, compute and transform logical expressions or terms in Boolean logic or first-order logic. Wolfram|Alpha will also create tables and diagrams, perform set-theoretic operations and compute set theory predicates like equality and subset.

Boolean Algebra

Compute truth tables, find normal forms and construct logic circuits for any Boolean expression of any number of Boolean variables.

Analyze a Boolean expression:

Compute a truth table for a Boolean function:

Compute a logic circuit for a Boolean function:

Convert a Boolean expression to disjunctive normal form:

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Transfinite Numbers

Perform arithmetic operations and simplify expressions involving infinite cardinals. Test cardinal numbers for cardinal equality or explore cardinal inequality.

Get information about a transfinite cardinal:

Simplify an expression involving cardinals:

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Set Theory

Test for set membership, set equality and subset relations. Draw a Venn diagram for a moderate number of sets.

Generate a Venn diagram:

Test whether a given equation of sets is true:

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