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Gamma & Related Functions

The (complete) gamma function extends the factorial to real and complex numbers. The digamma and polygamma functions are defined by derivatives of the logarithm of the gamma function. The incomplete gamma function is a generalization of the complete gamma. Wolfram|Alpha can compute properties for all these gamma-type functions and can also be used as a calculator for them and other gamma-related functions.

Gamma Functions

Compute values for complete gamma, digamma, polygamma and incomplete gamma functions.

Compute properties of the gamma function:

Compute exact values of gamma at half integers:

Simplify expressions involving gamma:

Numerically compute digamma and polygamma:

Numerically compute the incomplete gamma function:

Pochhammer Symbols

The Pochhammer symbol is the notation used in special functions to represent the rising factorial, also known as the ascending factorial.

Compute specific Pochhammer symbols:

Factorial-Type Operations

Do symbolic or numerical computations on factorial and double factorial functions.

Analyze the factorial function:

Compute values of the double factorial: