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Trigonometry is the study of the relationships between side lengths and angles of triangles and the applications of these relationships. The field is fundamental to mathematics, engineering and a wide variety of sciences. Wolfram|Alpha has comprehensive functionality in the area and is able to compute values of trigonometric functions, solve equations involving trigonometry and more.

Trigonometric Calculations

Evaluate trigonometric functions or larger expressions involving trigonometric functions with different input values.

Compute values of trigonometric functions:

Compute values of inverse trigonometric functions:

Trigonometric Identities

Learn about and apply well-known trigonometric identities.

Find multiple-angle formulas:

Find addition formulas:

Find other trig identities:

Spherical Trigonometry

Study the relationships between side lengths and angles of triangles when these triangles are drawn atop a spherical surface.

Apply a theorem of spherical trigonometry:

Trigonometric Functions

Learn about and perform computations using trigonometric functions and their inverses, over the real or complex numbers.

Compute properties of a trigonometric function:

Compute properties of an inverse trigonometric function:

Plot a trigonometric function:

Analyze a trigonometric function of a complex variable:

Analyze a trigonometric polynomial:

Generate a table of special values of a function:

Compute the root mean square of a periodic function:

Trigonometric Equations

Solve equations involving trigonometric functions.

Solve a trigonometric equation: