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File Upload

Upload data, images and files in 60+ formats for instant analysis.

File Upload

Basic Formats

Analyze a text file:

Analyze a spreadsheet file:

Analyze a tabular data file:

Generate a bitmap image of a binary file:

3D Geometry & Modeling Formats

Upload and analyze a 3D geometric model:

View and rotate a 3D model:

Compute properties of a 3D geometric model:

Chemical Formats

Analyze a molecule model file:

Visualize the 3D structure of a molecule:

Analyze a nucleic acid sequence:


Analyze an XML file:

Visualize an XHTML file as a tree:

Display typeset expressions from a MathML file:

Image Formats

Analyze an image file:

Apply a filter to an image:

Apply a filter with a variable parameter:

Detect features of an image:

Perform color processing:

More examples

Audio Formats

Analyze an audio file:

Display the waveform of an audio file:

Generate a spectrogram:

Mathematical Formats

Upload and analyze a graph:

Compute a property of a graph:

Analyze a matrix file:

Vector Graphics Formats

View a vector graphics file:

Scientific & Medical Formats

Analyze a file containing EEG data:

Extract metadata from a file:

Analyze a scientific image:

Document Formats

Analyze an HTML file:

Analyze an MBOX file:

Construct a timeline from an MBOX file:

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