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Barcode formats, such as the Universal Product Code (UPC), have been used for decades to track various foods, books and other products. These barcodes represent numbers and other data in the form of an image that can be scanned by a computer. You can use Wolfram|Alpha to read and generate barcodes in a variety of these formats.


Generate multiple barcodes in different formats.

Encode a string of digits as a barcode:

Encode text as a barcode:

Specify a barcode symbology:


Generate barcodes using the Universal Product Code (UPC) symbology.

Generate a UPC barcode:

Generate a UPC barcode without specifying the check digit:

QR Codes

Represent data in the two-dimensional Quick Response (QR) barcode format.

Generate a QR code:


Generate barcodes for International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN), which are used to identify books.

Generate a barcode corresponding to an ISBN-10:

Generate a barcode corresponding to an ISBN-13: