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Wolfram|Alpha contains extensive data and powerful algorithms related to color, allowing you to look up properties of colors, mix and transform colors, explore branded paint colors and more. Compare colors or find complementary hues, easily convert between different color spaces or experiment with combining colors of pigment or light.


Retrieve and compare detailed statistical analyses of colors.

Get information about a color:

Compute properties of a named color:

Specify an HTML color:

Query a specific property of a color:

Get information about a color tone:

Compare colors:

Color Mixing

Combine colors using additive or subtractive mixing.

Add two or more colors:

Specify the gamma correction of a color:

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Sets of Colors

Explore and compare properties of related colors.

Investigate groups of colors:

Examine the color-space properties of a set of colors:

Compare sets of colors:


Compute color-related properties of a given temperature.

Compute the blackbody radiation color for a temperature:

Color Systems

Specify colors using any major color system.

Specify a color using red-green-blue (RGB) values:

Specify a color using XYZ values:

Specify a color using CIELAB values:

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Related Colors

Find complementary or nearby colors or color groups.

Complementary color:

Find a color triad:

Find a color tetrad:

Find a nearby brand color:

Color Conversions

Convert colors between any two named color spaces.

Convert a hexadecimal RGB color to HSL representation:

Convert a named color to CIELAB representation:


  • Famous Artwork
  • Image Processing
  • Optics
  • Colors of Light

    Compute with properties specific to colored light.

    Explore properties of colored light:

    Find facts about the colors of light:

    Compare colors of light:

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    Paint Colors

    Look up properties of brand-name paint colors.

    Specify a paint color by brand and name or number: