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Economic Data

From agriculture to tourism, explore and analyze a country's economic data using Wolfram|Alpha. Compute the differences in trade for a country or in workforce statistics between countries, determine the salary or wages for a given occupation or see the median home value in your city compared to a larger one.

US Economy

Explore and compare economic data within the United States.

Compare economic data for the US:

Get economic data for a US state:

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Salaries & Wages

Compute salary figures for a given occupation or between different occupations.

Get salary data for a given occupation:

Do computations with salary figures:

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Unemployment Rates

Acquire information about the unemployment rate for a US state or a country.

Get unemployment data for a US state:

Compare unemployment in several US cities:


Analyze the livestock population along with crop and meat production in a country.

Get data on meat production in a given country:

Get livestock population data:

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Health-Care Expenses

Determine health‐care costs in your area or by care type.

Get an overview of health‐care costs in a country:

Get details of health‐care costs:

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Telecommunications Statistics

Check out telecommunications data, like the number of users in a specific country.

Get telecommunications data for a country:

Get data for a class of countries:

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World Economy

Get economic data for a country or group of countries and compare data between countries.

Get economic information about the world:

Compare economic data for a country group:

Compare economic data for multiple countries:

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Workforce Data

Examine the workforce statistics for a country and compare it to another country's statistics.

Get workforce statistics for a country:

Specify a group of countries:

Compare countries:

Do computations with workforce data:

Cost of Living

Check out the cost‐of‐living indices for a city before your next big move.

Get cost‐of‐living indices for a city:

Compute a cost‐of‐living comparison:

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Energy Data

Look up data on energy resources and prices.

Get data on energy resources:

Get energy price data:

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Get and do computations with trade statistics, like import and export values.

Get trade statistics:

Do computations with trade statistics:


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  • Countries
  • Income & Employment
  • People
  • US Counties
  • US States
  • Wealth Distribution

    Learn more about the wealth distribution in a specific country.

    Get information about wealth distribution per country:

    Compare poverty statistics between countries:

    Explore income inequality across US states, cities and ZIP Codes:

    Patents & Research

    Explore data on patents and technological research, development and exports.

    Explore data on scientific spending, research and publications:

    Find and compare national statistics on patents and trademarks filed by residents or nonresidents:

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    Navigate the housing market by looking up prices and home value data.

    Get home value data:

    Compare house prices in several cities:

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    Examine the number of visitors to another country.

    Get tourism statistics: