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Games & Puzzles

Whether you're a video gamer, poker player or crossword puzzle enthusiast, Wolfram|Alpha can be a helpful resource for your next game night. Find out the odds for a poker or blackjack hand, look up how many players are needed to play a board game, get information for a classic or current video game, find words matching a pattern and much more.

Games of Chance

Compute the possible outcomes for and probabilities of winning the lottery, card games, dice games, roulette and other games of chance.

Compute coin toss probabilities:

Compute dice probabilities:

Compute odds for a poker hand:

Analyze a bet in roulette:

Analyze a wager:

Get lottery odds:

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Video Games

Explore data for thousands of classic and current video games for many different platforms.

Get information about a video game:

Ask about a property of a game:

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Board Games

Look up or compare facts about board games.

Get information about a board game:

Look up a board game property:

Find board games with specified properties:

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Word Puzzles

Find words matching a pattern, discover anagrams of a word, calculate the Scrabble® score of a word and more.

Find anagrams of a word or phrase:

Find letter-bank words:

Find words matching a pattern:

Calculate Scrabble® scores for a word and its subsets:

Find possible decodings of a cryptogram:

Learn what an acronym stands for:

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