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Bonds & Orbitals

Atoms are held together in molecules by chemical bonds. Electrons occupy bonding, antibonding or nonbonding molecular orbitals that can be classified as sigma-, pi-, delta- or phi-like. The number of electrons in bonding and antibonding orbitals between a pair of atoms gives rise to the bond order for those atoms with values ranging from one to six. Use Wolfram|Alpha to find out about the different types of bonds in molecules and to compute the orbital hybridization.

Chemical Bonds

Explore properties of chemical bonds. Find bonds by their constituent atoms, by their bond type or by the parent chemical.

Get a summary of the bond information for a chemical:

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Potential Structures

Generate possible molecules from a formula.

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Resonance Structures

Find the different resonance structures of a molecule.

Get resonance structures for chemicals:

Orbital Hybridization

Compute electronic orbital hybridization in a compound.

Compute hybridization in a compound:

Compare hybridization in two compounds:

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