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Equation Solving

Algebraic equations consist of two mathematical quantities, such as polynomials, being equated to each other. Solving equations yields a solution for the independent variables, either symbolic or numeric. In addition to finding solutions to equations, Wolfram|Alpha also plots the equations and their solutions.


Solve, plot and examine equations with one or more variables.

Solve a linear equation:

Solve a polynomial equation:

Solve over a specified domain:

Solve an equation with parameters:

Solve a trigonometric equation:

Systems of Congruences

Find solutions to systems of congruence relations.

Solve a single congruence equation:

Solve systems of congruences:

Check if values are equivalent under a given modulus:

Solve a congruence involving variables in the modulus:

Solve systems with each equation under a different modulus:

Solve multivariate systems of congruences:

Systems of Equations

Solve a set of two or more simultaneous equations.

Solve a system of linear equations:

Solve a system of polynomial equations:

Numerical Root Finding

Use numerical approximation methods to solve an equation.

Find a root of an equation using Newton's method:

Find a root of an equation using the secant method:

Compute the nth root of a number using the bisection method:

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