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Polynomials are mathematical expressions that contain a sum of powers of indeterminate variables multiplied by coefficients. A core concept in algebra, polynomials are used in calculus and throughout all areas of mathematics. Wolfram|Alpha can compute several interesting properties of polynomials including extrema, roots, alternate forms, symmetry and parity. Additionally, polynomials can be factored, expanded or divided.


Examine polynomials and compute properties like domain and range, degree, roots, plots and discriminant.

Compute properties of a polynomial:

Compute properties of a polynomial in several variables:

Find the degree of a polynomial:

Compute the greatest common divisor of polynomials:

Compute a polynomial from zeros:


Expand polynomial expressions using FOIL and other methods.

Expand a polynomial:

Solving Polynomial Equations

Find all real and complex solutions of univariate and multivariate polynomial equations.

Solve a polynomial equation:

Solve a system of polynomial equations:

Find candidate rational roots of a polynomial:


Factorize quadratics and higher-degree polynomials.

Factor a polynomial:

Long Division

Divide a polynomial by another polynomial to find the quotient and remainder.

Perform polynomial long division:

Polynomial Interpolation

Find a polynomial curve that passes through a list of points.

Interpolate a dataset with a polynomial: