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Air Transport

Air transportation encompasses a broad set of related concepts that include airline companies, individual air flights, airports, aircraft types and even statistics on air transport for countries.

Air Transport Statistics

The amount of air transport carried out by a given country varies. Statistics for passenger air transport as well as air transport of goods can be computed by specifying the country of interest.

Get data on air transport per country:


Explore data about airline companies including how much traffic each airline handles, general flight operations and airline performance.

Get information about an airline:

Do computations on airline data:

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Explore the location of and air traffic arriving and departing from airports worldwide.

Locate an airport and get information about it:

Specify an airport by its FAA code:

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Flight Data

Individual air flights include information about the flight schedule, flight path, flight distance, flight speed, aircraft used and recent flight history.

Get data for a specified flight:

Find flights with a specified route:

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Flight Information Web App


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  • Aircraft

    Different types of aircraft have different purposes and performance data. Aircraft manufacturer, dimensions, crew capacity and aircraft history all vary on a case by case basis.

    Get information about a type of aircraft:

    Compare several aircraft:

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