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Road Transport

Wolfram|Alpha contains information on various aspects of road transportation. Explore a range of detailed data, from gas prices and traffic to automobile models and accident statistics, and perform computations with that data.


Get and compare information about specific automobile models.

Get information about an automobile model:

Compare automobile models:

Compare automobile trims:

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Vehicle Production

Compare vehicle production statistics by country.

Get data on vehicle production:

Compare vehicle production statistics:

Stopping Distance

Compute the stopping distance for a vehicle.

Compute stopping distance for a car:

US Highways

Get data points for specific highways and interstates.

Get information about a highway:

Get specific data about a highway:

Get traffic information:

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Road Accidents

Get data on road accidents over time.

Get data on road accidents:

Find road accident statistics for a specific year:

Compare road accident statistics between countries:

Vehicles in Use

Learn how many and what types of vehicles are in use in different locations.

Get data on vehicles in use:

Specify a vehicle type:

Compare different vehicle types:

Compare vehicle and road data:

Compare vehicle use in different areas:

Gasoline Prices

Compute fuel costs and compare gas prices by location.

Get gasoline price data:

Compute cost for a specified quantity of gas:

Compute fuel cost:

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Find and compare road data for various locations.

Get data on road lengths for a given country:

Specify a road type:

Compare road data between countries:

Notable Streets

Find out about well-known streets.

Get information about a notable street:

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Find out about bridges and their properties.

Get information about a bridge:

Do computations with bridge properties:

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  • Tire Sizes

    Learn about the sizes of all kinds of tires.

    Get information about a car or light truck tire size:

    Get information about a bicycle tire size:

    Compare motorcycle tire sizes:

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    Road Transport Statistics

    Find data on road transport for each country.

    Get data on road transport per country:


    Learn about the traffic in locales around the world.

    Get traffic data for a specified country:

    Specify a type of traffic:

    Get traffic congestion data for a major US city:

    Compare traffic in major US cities:


    Find out about tunnels and their properties.

    Get information about a tunnel:

    Compare several tunnels:

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